Live life! It’s worth living.  It’s never too late to live again.  My life has changed so much in last three years.  My husband is deceased and some of the children are grown, maturing well on there own. I decided is to jump start my life and live.

The most important thing is to take regrets and throw them out the window.  Regrets can knock you out the box, keep you hung in the past.  Time waits for no one. It’s time for me to concentrate on reinventing myself-soul, mind and body.  Let’s begin with the body. I saw on the Dr. Oz’s show were “wheat” can increase the size of your belly.  I have worked on loosing weight for the last three years.  I’ve lost a lot.  The waistline is like “WOW! What can I say? What more can I do?  We will call it, “Belly Be Gone!”

Wheat is in so much of what we eat.  I never realized until I started to take it out of my diet. Let’s work together and do a 60-day wheat challenge.


Scan0001  As you can see I was swollen….LOL!


But look at me Now!!!


I wanted you to see where I began three years ago and at present where I am at now. Ready, Set Go…Now it’s your turn to jump start your life. Take on the challenge and post your weight loss success and failures and together we can do this!!!