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I don’t get it!  I do not get it!  Why is it people want the best, but  don’t want to enjoy or pay for the best.  It’s good to be friends, but this sleeping around called NSA/No Strings Attached or FWB/Friends with out benefits, this sucks. What’s up with all the “FREE” benefits?  On the job you pay for your benefit package or if you want a coke, you pay for it. I don’t get It! So, you’ve gotten a  little older don’t sell yourself short.

By the way young or old you are better than that. Quit settling for the first thing that is attracted to you. There’s got to be some greatness about you, for them to step to you.  Yes, we are human. I get it! You have needs but, being along after giving your goods a ways, sucks.   Now, you are eating to much, shopping to much, and a little depress. Wondering is it me? Yes and No, we all have our on inadequacies.  Myself, I’ve been through so many lemonades, until I realized it’s alright to work through your lemons until you get your lemonade. I tell you, I’ve dealt with everything from the broke and busted, the sad and lonely, I’ll beat you now and leave you later. It’s time to live your life!

It is never to late to make yourself over.  We have a 60 day “WHEAT” challenge going.  It’s time to feel good and look good for you.  Don’t forget to take the wheat out of your diet, add a some heat/work out! Dr. Oz has some great tips, check them out.  While you leave him looking, as you strut off.