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I guess, it’s on and popping.  I need a reality check. I know, I say, ” It’s never to late.” I hear age is only a number. How true is that?  I met someone. Wow, It’s hard for me to relate to the age difference.  We are over ten years in difference. It’s nice for someone to call to make sure you’re safe.  Also, ask all the questions that reminds you, that you have a brain.   Say good morning and close with good night.  I’m not sure if he is a gentlemen but, he is polite and adventurous. Some of the maturer guys/older ones all they want to do is sleep, watch television, never go out, and cheap. I had one guy to tell me, I have nothing to prove.  Nothing prove, please explain, I don’t know you yet.

The quality of a man is different from when I was married seventeen years ago. Men would lie, except they would pretend to want, to get to know you or meant it and couldn’t give it. He is talking, it seems to be all about a one night stands. Maybe they’ll blame it on a woman and her need for independence.  Some men have gotten it real confuse/yes even some women.

I want a gentlemen.  Do we have to take out all the standards. Can you at least hold a deceit conversation?  Learn my first and last name, before you are ready to have sex. This is an automatic turn off.

I want to live again. True enough, I just don’t want to be my on personal business called “Poke and Pull” or “Free and Easy.”  The way it sounds, I can down load a credit card machine on my phone and add you to my taxes at the end of the year. This means if am your personal one night stand, am your trick. Tricks get paid right?  I hope women, plus myself,  love yourself enough to say, ” I am better than that.”

Don’t forget to work on your sexy. Our Belly-Be-Gone Challenge is on.  I know it’s going to be kind of hard, to take the wheat out of your diet.  You can do it!  Take a look at Dr. Oz and what’s said, in part three of taking the Wheat out of you diet. You can do it!

I think, I am in Love. …I am going to dance the night away. lol

old man cartoon : Mature age dancing couple vector cartoon Illustration