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Guys, I need you to read my text. He was on point, just too much, too soon. I gave us fictitious names.  Mr. 2 Young and Ms. Never 2 Late were texting.  Ms. Never 2 Late ask a question.  How should you treat a good woman?  He replied:

By being the air she breathe,

The Blood that flows through her,

The energy she consumes,

The eyes she looks with,

The ears she hears with,

By letting you know that I want to be here for you,

To complete your sentences,

To make you laugh,

To protect you,

To always have your back to the best of my ability,

To show you what real love is all about,

To obtain your trust,

To swallow my pride for you,

To spoil you,

To make a valuable effort to catch your tears,

Before they hit the ground,

To let you know you are not along,

That I am here for you, if you let me,

To keep you smiling always and forever,

So everybody knows that I make you smile.

Ms. Never 2 Late said, “WOW”! Where did you get that from? Mr. 2 Young says, “It’s from my heart to you”. I said, If only.  I want to feel….not sure, I feel great. They say, It’s all in how you feel. I couldn’t get beyond the age difference. Plus, I found out he is a poet and song writer.  I am also, look me up on poetry.com, scroll down to recent activities/click me/ check out, “If Only You”, song.