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It’s amazing! Life can take you on many roller coaster rides. I’ve chosen some that made me week at the knees and scream please stop! Let me OFF! Life is a moment in time you can’t take back, good or bad. Who did it? Me, I am guilty of my on choices.  Mr. Song Writer, Mr. 2 Young reminded me in my songs, they bared my soul. I wrote a song, “I Shed a Tear for You.”  It was written for my friend.  The kind of friend that reminds you, you are a lady. The one that knows you’re not crossing the lines no matter what.  Respects you, even when you are being the jerk.  I’d whine, having my female hormonal moments.  He would call me by my first and last name and say, “you are to cute, to be ugly.”  A man taking down the wrong for the right.  I think it came with time and age. Maturity creep up on him, before he knew it.

I am glad, I got to know my friend again.  We hadn’t seen each other in years. We stumble upon each other at a party.  He was playing music. I was dancing with another guy. I walk over an introduce myself, he didn’t recognize me at first. We exchanged numbers, the friendship was back. He was that someone that made you feel special on your bad days and you only talk.

Something strange happen, I was preparing to leave town.  He called to check on me.  I remember saying, I needed my feet rub.  He had never been to  my house before. This time was different, he heard something I didn’t say. He ask me, where do you stay?  I told him. He said, I’ll be their to rub your feet.  It was like, I had to do this for her. I agreed. My feet were rub. We talk for a few minutes. Stood on the back deck,  he responds, how private and quite. I said, I have my on wood pecker, a few rabbits, cats, possums, and a raccoon. As quick as he came, he left.

Who would have known that would be the last time we’d see each other.  I had been gone a week. I came home, I was reading about this man, who had die with the same name as my friend. I knew it couldn’t be the same person. I began to call around and check, It was him.

What, I realized later on, on my way home.  He was having a massive heart attack.  I lost my friend. I am glad, I let him stop by, to say good bye.  Who would have known? His song, “I Shed a Tear for you”.


On Last Night, I shed a tear for you,

It was then I knew, how much

I really needed you, I must

Confess,  I’ve been a mess,  up until

I met you.

Pain from past, made me hurt you more

You never turned and walked out the door

I had so many crazy days

I saw you kneel and

Pray for me

 To be healed from all my bad ordeals.

I threw my fits and you wouldn’t quit

Loving Me

On Last Night I shed a tear for you

You did something no other Man would do.

You kept loving me, keep loving me

I must confess, from the start, you had my heart

Keep loving me, keep loving me

I know it’s been hard and I don’t deserve you

Please keep loving me
I Love you

I wrote this song a week before he past. I never knew how heart, his broken heart, would break mind. Live, Love and forgive, It’s never to late.