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Yes, I lost my friend! I miss that part of me. I long sometimes to hear that person say you’re cute, or build my confidence up in other areas. We all need encouragement.

For me, I know there is a higher power and I believe in angels. In fact, the way everything happen, God allowed me to say, good bye before I left town. There was really no way I would have known he’d died. Everything happened out the blue, down to me reading his name, unexpectedly.  It’s alright, I know somebody who loves me and his name is Jesus. I get to talk/pray to him, he really listen and there is no interruptions.

Excited! It’s me. I am going to get rid of this this Belly! You need to take our Belly-Be-Gone Challenge! Check it out, see what Dr. Oz has to say. You may have to much wheat in your diet. I am doing it for myself. It’s “Never-To-Late to live again”.

Hey! Ladies we’ve all had Jethro’s and Bozo’s. What about a king, who will treat you like a queen. I am tired of the Road Runners, Roger Rabbits, and the Dark Side of Spider Man. We’ve been webbed/swiped, caught up in their deception, and lies.  Next comes the hurt, the eating, the depression and the weight.

No more! I am taking it off to feel good about me. I hope, I can attract someone that feels good about themselves. If not, I will keep working on me. They say, misery love company, I know the opposite has  to work, love attracts a real love.

As you know I wrote a Love song to my friend before he pass. On how he loved me as a friend and in spite of my faults. I layed him to rest and said, good bye with this song, “My Tears”.

My tears of Joy
Turn into sorrow
You left me with a smile and
Sad tomorrow
Only to find in the night
You left me with out a fight
Angels came in and took you out with a bang
My tears turn into rain
They pool into a puddle
While people stood by
Your grave side in a huddle
Slinging roses on your graves
My heart began to cave
The Lord said, I save,
The best for last
If you believe on me
You will one day will see
My home on high it’s 
Your destiny
You don’t have to cry
Or wonder why 
This is called eternity
A peaceful place were you and I will me

Joy After the Pain……