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My date was a ______ a hot mess! Maybe it was one of those plutonic things. You know were you buy your own and he buys his own. I don’t think so. To be absolutely truthful, I don’t have those kind of dates unless we are strictly friends. We have been together seven months.

While we were at the movies, he says, I am going to get some popcorn. He gets up,  he returns with a small popcorn and a drink. He sat the drink on his side. He ask before he started to eat would I like some. I ate couple pieces of popcorn. Then he ate it all and drank everything.  I ask later could have a sip of his drink. He said, it was a coke. I do not drink cokes. I felt so stupid, all the time in my mine saying a girl can’t get a sip, couldn’t he have at least pretended to want me, to have some of his drink by putting it in the middle.

Th movie is over, he is cold. You know, I am a little concern. Next, we are walking out the door talking, laughing and  I am trying to shake it off.  But, in my mind, I am saying, cheap, Oh my God Cheap!  All the while pretending and hoping nothing is showing on my face.

We are driving down the highway. He began to talk about opening the car door for me.  He says, I don’t like open the car door for you all the time, maybe some of the times. I said, would you like to discuss it? I proceeded to say, we don’t see each other often enough for it to matter. This it because he works a lot.

I ask him would he stop at a restaurant. I was hungry, my head was hurting. I said, “I’ll pay for it and I know you work hard for your money.”  I handed him a ten dollar bill while we wait. I guess guilt started to kick him. He said, do you want me to pay for it? Before I could get anything out my mouth, he says, I better pay for it or you’ll tell your friends, I’m cheap! Then he handed the ten back.

By this time we get to the house. He is bringing up opening the car door for me again. He states, “I really think this door opening stuff needs to change.”

Lord knows, I am trying to hold my composure. We are in front of the house now, I said, don’t worry about opening my door, I’ll get it.  Then he says, No, No, I don’t want to hear about it later. He jumps out the car. I’ve already gotten out. He says, you need to get back in and let me open the door. I say, give me a kiss. I will talk to you later. I am still keeping it together. I was very disappoint.

The book, Act Like Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey, there is a lot of truth to it.  I am sorry, I am stuck with this one impression of nothingness. He texts later that night, he was sorry, he was just cold and he doesn’t mind open the car door for me. It sounds real weak to me, especially when you text it.  I think you are more of man when you call, use your voice and I can hear your sincerity. Disappointed…..