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Sometimes you get tired…..How to overcome, being sick-n-tire of being sick-n- tired.  I really need your commits. I know sometimes you need to just walk away.  I don’t get it, when the one your with thinks, he shouldn’t make it up to you for being a jerk.

Why not? I am alright. I just know, I deserve better.  I want to feel like I’m important.  I think sometimes we forgive to easy and certain people take advantage of it. I had a friend tell me one time, “I let him get off to easy”. I always would forgive him quickly and he would quickly embrace the fact. Not every giving my heart a second thought to the damage he had done. No, matter how small it is you are valuable.

Valuable is your own self-worth.  I love me, the real revelation is they only love themselves. You are on the out side looking in.  Praying that, that person will get a heart for you and give a Dam.  Get over it!  You are a treasure and they only want to take your jewels. Some have a King Tut image, but the heart of a mut. Meaning they’ll lay with any stray.

Queens know how to preserve her jewels and impact the heart of real King. A king of heart, someone who has a heart for your heart.

A King of Hearts

Treasures your heart

He never tears it apart.

He restores

Your broken places

Refilling all the empty spaces

With words that give you life

With a promise of being wife.

He takes the brokenness out of hard,

He embraces your heart, with his heart.

You become two hearts that beat as one.

One day, I hope my half, will become complete, whole connecting with the other part of my soul.

Steps to attracting the right man or woman 1)  Love yourself 2) Forgive yourself, we all have flaws and have chosen wrong. 3) Admit your on insecurities, it’s ok. 4) Stop settling/ quit accepting what you don’t like. 5)  You can’t change him or her. 6) The better you feel about you/the better the atmosphere will send you. Love Backgrounds-Broken Heart HD Wallpaper