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Girls I’m through with changing a man’s mind. It would be nice, if the man would change his mind about me. Next!

Song writers, I express myself through song.  I really am the song writer.  I’d love to be discovered one day. If you have some professional advice on how to promote my music send me a email or a comment. My song, “IF Only You!”…(published on poetry.com)

If only you, could change ya mind about me
you would see, how incredible our life would be
The mistake was mine, believing that in time, you would change your mind,
about me

It’s been so long, you won’t phone

Only, when you a honney dog, then you act like you know, how to treat me.

I don’t know,
How you ever part lips to say, Hey baby, How was your day?

It’s been six weeks from yesterday,
Hell Na! It’s not ok
But, you praying, I’ll accept you back anyway.

If only you would change mine, about me
you see how incredible life would be 

Hoping, I’m the same old fool. Waiting at home, sitting along, by the phone, wagging my tail, like a dog in heat, waiting for  some doggy treats.

If only you’d see me, Like I see you
If only you’d change your mind, about me

If not, I’ve got it now, You were just  a (OFY) – Out For You

If Only you’d see me, Like I see you.
by Mary Gordon

If only, today I get my rights of passage back 1) I wrote it out 2) I wrote you off  3) I decided to caress my spirit and love on me 4) Bought a new dress/plus shoes 5) Had my nails done 6) My hair was a must.

Now, I am baccccck……..and realizing it’s Never-2-Late! It’s Never-2-Late to live...Life!

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