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Bullies, I had them. The sad part is people are sometime bullies even when you’re grown. People lie to make themselves look good, people find fault,  people seem to feed into confusion never thinking about who it hurts. I find most of these people are broken, damage and seeking fulfilment from someone elses hurt. Guess what, I have a heart/we have a heart.

**My Elementary School Bully** 

In elementary school, her name was Sadie. She was a constant pain. I had a older sister that help a lot, but when she didn’t come to school. I was on my on.  I never knew why my Dad would say, “throw salt and pepper in her eyes.” How was I suppose to do that?  Act like stretch and pull out my long arm. I guess, you know that never work. When she’d come to me, she’d say, “why you been talking about my momma?”  I’d always say, “girl ain’t nobody said nothing about your mamma.” She’d always keep the crap up.  Until one day, we were on our way home and we were alone.  I had on a pretty blue dress my grand mother had bought me. She kept hitting me and pulling my dress. My dress ripped and I lost it. I swiped that girl.   I ran home and told my Mamma, I was crying and sorry for hitting her.  I was confused, but happy, because my Mamma said, “I can fix your dress.” The next day at school she had lied, but after that she kept her hands off me.

**Fighting Not The Answer**

**Stop!  Don’t Hurt Me!  I Am Not Your Problem!**

Change can sometimes be difficult. Change is reprogramming your mind, Mr. Bully. Accepting people for who they are, not being one person today and being someone else tomorrow.  I think, we all deal with our own alter egos. Somethings stem from past and previous hurts, lack or losses, change in bosses, less not leave out relationships.   I think we attract, what we feel. It’s that old adage, misery loves company or if you enjoy life and living it, it seems to come your way.

**Live Beyond Mistakes**

You know when I’ve made mistakes, I was harder on myself, than others.  It’s like trying to land a plane, you give up and land without your landing gear.  Now, as you know that had to hurt.  The sad part is you feel know one cares but you. Depression sets in, It’s time to act quick.  You are to important. The truth is reconnecting to yourself, finding peace, love yourself,  forgive yourself and forgive the other person.  Face your past, to move into your future. Overcome your fears, I know that’s easier said than done. Jump start your life! You can conquer these life hurdles. There my be some pain, for example, you my have had the bully.  I had the bullies.  A different one from elementary school to high school. It made life miserable.

More to come on my bullies, I do believe it affected my relationships and somehow added fear.  I don’t condone fighting. I am sick and tired of people hurting people. Because you don’t like my hair, my height, my voice, or my color etc. Karma will meet you one day.

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