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Maya Angelou was such a great poet. Today, I see the poet in me. My greatness came from life, it’s ups and downs. Lord knows I wish, I could have missed some pains. Life is the essence of what makes you, you. We’ve all worn a lot of shoes. Shoes wear out over time. Worn soles present, moments in time or places we’ve had to go and we’ve not always wanted to be present. The gift in life is when your soul can connect with another soul, your intimacy of time worn into those souls builds the character of your love. Remember my love, “No-One Could Ever Fill Your Shoes”……..(POEM)

No-One Could Ever Fill Your Shoes

Look down
At your feet
They tell a story
Of your heart, hard times
As well as good times
It is truly your glory

Look down
At your shoes
Any one you choose

Look down
Some soles lean
They express the mountains
You have had to climbed
The miles you have walked

Look down
Into your soul
Your feet become in tune
To rhythm of you

The expression of years and tears
Sweat and regrets

Look down
At the bottom of your soles
They tell your story


Expression of your true soul
Smooth and rough
Life made you tough

Look deep down into your heart
Your soul
It hungers to be love and consoled

You are my soul mate
You have fought a good fight


You have run a good race
No-One could or ever take your place.

“Your Shoes are Our Story – Filled with Pain and Glory…..

by Mary Gordon

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