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Please….allow me the opportunity to live. I know we are living in a controversial world.  A world full of love, hate, envy and death.  The questions are can I be all that I want to be? Can I have what I want to have?

We say, America Land of the Free!  It’s getting harder out here to be me.  I’ve watch men try to be men, and saw them fall down in the fight like orphans.  Alone, strip of there pride, dignity and integrity. What do you do, when what makes you, you dies.  I read this book by Ronda Byrne, The Secret.  Is it really a secret?  No, it’s all about being grateful, thankful, and full of love.  I enjoyed the book.  Maybe the book is a secret, not hardly.

Fact, we sometimes get tired of the fight. It’s hard to see the good sometimes. Now, I know where the word hope came from. We must keep hope alive.   This poem was written by Mary Gordon:  The Heart of Giant/(A Man), located on poetry.com.

They took the heart of a man
By Breaking his Spirit

They took the most important part
It involved his love and dignity

They took the part that gives life
The heart of a man’s soul
It begins as a child

The heart of a man
Begins with rhythm of his Mother’s heart beat

The heart of a man
Is his mind
The control panel to his soul
Once the mind is destroyed

The heart of a man
Becomes out of control
In Danger
Of always being a stranger
To anything and everything
Even itself

The heart of a man
Is no longer a Giant

It is defiant
It is alone
It lays wait

The heart of a man
Can only lay wait, to be a weight

To conquer
To destroy
To persecute

The Right and The Wrong
Because the heart of a man is truly gone.

After all of the damage that has happen in your life, Ronda Byrne, author of The Secret talks about “The Laws of Attraction.” Check out the laws of attraction and let me know what you think. Myself, I am going to try the laws again.  We can all use some hope..

heartbroken : A heartbroken shattered red Valentine heart symbol of love broken to pieces. Illustration