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Hell or hard, I’ve had both lately. I’m catching hell. It’s something about this world we live in.  People, my God some aren’t happy when your doing good and some aren’t happy, when your doing bad. I want to know, will all the sane people stand up? It feels like it’s a catch 22.  If you’ve lived in heart ache for any length of time,  it’s sad to say, it’s like your beating, your head against a brick wall. The more I overcome, it seems that something or someone wants to knock you backwards.

I pray! I called the prayer line one night and the person on the other end of the line said, “make your story short”. I could have been dying and she would have been the murderer.  It’s seems sometimes the more you do good, the bible’s right, there is evil on every hand.

Winning, I will win this time.  I don’t care what you say or think.  I’ve prayed about it! I know what the good book says, “ask what you will in my name”, and “ask it, believe it and receive it.

God loves me to! He loves us all.  Keep your mouth to yourself, if you don’t have any thing good to say don’t say anything  at all.

Devil, I am serving notice on you, in Jesus name I’ve got VICTORY! Through His Blood and Love.  Today is my new beginning. I am empower, he gave me a promise through his word: Luke 10:19.

Faith is believing even when you can’t see it. Hold on! It’s Going To Be Ok! (Poem) by Mary Gordon;

You may cry

Sometimes wonder why

So much pain

Not knowing how to sustain

Pray any way

It’s going to be ok.

You may feel broken

In two

Not knowing what to do

Pray any way

It’s going to be ok.

Sometimes feeling on your on

Never alone

Pray any way

It’s going to be ok.

The Son of God did it

You can to

He prayed


Pray any way

It’s going to be ok

Sold out

He left out doubt

It’s going to be ok.

Pray any way…..

angel devil : A young investorstock broker, receiving a bullish advice from a bull, looking much like a devil. A bear-angel is trying to warn him and protect him, but would he listen? No transparency used in the vector file.