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Save Me! All I ever wanted to do was to run, jump, laugh and enjoy life.

Protect! I didn’t know, it’s wasn’t safe, or  he wasn’t safe.  You sent me to the neighbors.  You got me the babysitter.  You invited your friend to stay. You said, he was a good man. I believe it, if you can’t trust your family who can you trust.

Trust! Who can we trust? Faces and places they all look good on the outside, it’s the inside that can destroy you. I feel like young or old we all need a body guard sometimes.

Children, they come here innocent. Hoping to fit in, to live, progress and most all to be love. What do you do, what most parents do,  we start instilling right and wrong. We can’t always protect them from danger….But we can sure as hell try!

What’s first base. No! This is not it. He is our friend. He is part of our family. Yes! First rule, it’s time to think out of the box parents.  We teach the basics.  But, is it really good enough any more? It’s time to get a little extreme, always lock your bed room door, when am not home or when company is staying. Second, If they don’t have a key to the house, they don’t belong there. Third, never get in the car just because you know them, it must be Mom or Dad or very close relative, Grandma. Fourth, you need to at least walk home in twos, call a parent to make sure they know who you left with.

**You Never Get To Old To Tell Someone Where You Are Going!!!!!!!**

Twenty-one and over, leave bread crumbs.  Leave his name in a place only you or a friend would know, secretly take a picture of his license place, text it, text his name and phone number. If you forget ask, “may I take a picture you to show my Mom”?  If you get a gut feeling something not right, just don’t go, don’t answer the phone, call your daddy! You owe him nothing, follow your gut.

Lovely Bones  is a movie, I watch. The movie gave much room for thought and remorse.  I think about being a Mom and always wanting my children to be safe. I wrote this poem base around the movie and our children on how they trust. Poem by, Mary Gordon,  I Trusted You:

I Trusted You
For a moment in time

I Trusted You
I called you neighbor and friend

I Trusted You
To guard me

I Trusted You
To walk me home

I Trusted you
You wore a friendly smile

I trusted you
You were said, to be a man of integrity

I trusted you
A man of valour

I Trusted You
Now, No one will ever know
I walk away with you

I Trusted You
Never to hurt me

Now, No one will ever understand
Why you were the man
Who took my life

I Trusted you
I made a big mistake
I don’t understand
I can’t speak from the sand

I Trusted you
My voicei is weak
I need to speak

I Trusted You
Now, I am dead
Buried in cold grave
Never to be saved

I Trust My
Mom and Dad
They are sad
I am gone
They are alone
please forgive me
There is nothing I can do.
Maybe some day
You will find my body
It is close by
And there will be no more quetions as to why?