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Time!  If I could turn back the hands of time.  Maybe someone would come and protect me. Sometimes from plan old me or may be from the ones that turned against me. I  know we all make mistakes, and regrets which would like to follow along. You don’t have to look far for hatred or just plan old mean people. Most of them are hurting too.

Today, I ask someone to forgive me. I think because I was calm, they said, I was evil.  It’s something to tell someone you love, your sorry and they call you evil. I am not evil, I am human. I wish I could get people to understand, we all have moments and they do to.

Sometimes I am tire, life is no joke.  I think, I ran out of steam four years ago.  I use to say, if my Daddy was around, I wouldn’t have to take so much mess.  Guess what? Tomorrow is a new day. I will hope for the better.

My heart will carry the scares, only for the memories of places I don’t want to go anymore.  Healing takes time. One day at a time, it’s about faith, hope, trust, and prayer, give it to the one above. He loves you.

Daddy Little Girl, bears her heart in a song:  I Want To Be Daddy’s Little Girl again, written by Mary L. Gordon


Don’t you hear me praying

Be kind me

In this crazy mix up world

Let me, be me

I need to see

Daddy’s Little Girls

Mix-up in a crazy big old world

My Father, My Friend, My Daddy

I don’t know what to do

With out you

I feel so unsafe

In this place

I know I must grow up

Oh please tell me, why

I don’t want to cry

I keep looking to the sky

Daddy little Girl

Dream, dreams

This world is so mean


I know you love me from within

When times are hard,

You hold me, to keep me from falling apart

Daddy’s Little Girl

I put my hands up to pray

I don’t know what to say

I know you love me anyway

Daddy’s Little Girl

Hoping we could bare these storms

They come in so many forms

My Daddy, My Friend

Please forgive me again

Hold me

Don’t scold me

I am living in a crazy mix up old world

I wanna be Daddy’s Little Girl.