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Determine, to let a man be a man. I was talking to a man the other day. He asked why I hadn’t call.  I said, we will pretend your Superman and you need to stay away from scriptanite. Because, I need a hero. I’ve had enough zeros. Why in the heck does he want me to take the lead?  I’m a lady. Yes!, I am Lois Lane come an save me. This is man number 1.

Friends, it would be nice to have a real man/love that’s a companion.  I’m suppose to have a man. I guess it’s when his not over worked, watching every football games, not a sleep or when he is free. I’m not sure if I get a the time of day. He had extra day off due to the holidays. I did not receive not one call! Hurt my feeling, why don’t you, and he did just that. I feel, I’m myself most of the time. That’s why, I find it easy to accept other peoples phone numbers and start my on friends list. This is man number 2.

A.O.C./Afraid of Commitment, we were together almost two years.  He was, and I mean just that, was, full of giving nothing, but, wanting it all.  When he got off from work 11:00 p.m. He would come by, maybe 12 or 1 at night. He thought he had it like that. I had to get a reality check quick.  I know me, I waited to long. Now,you know we hope they are going to change. That is like leading horse to water and you can’t make him drink it. This kept going any on,  I allowed it. I was the fool.  I finally woke up better late than never. See the signs and act quickly, Safe your heart from the pain. This is man number 3.

We will talk about them later. I am a woman.  I desire to feel real love, tired of the same old mess.  I know God has a plan for my life that be of good and not of evil. Trust is important, man will let you down. God will listen and not leave. Also, you can call him and there is no charge. Nice, there is no bill or interest.

Mr. Afraid of Commitment is gone, I pray. Tell me what you think of A.O.C.-Afraid of Commitment, my song written by Mary L. Gordon:

I saw you in my dream
I knew you were the one for me
My Destiny
I felt so good inside
Until you hurt my pride
I called you on the phone
You wouldn’t answer my calls
I made it personal
I’d stop by, knock on the door
You let me know, we had nothing anymore

I was a another notch on your belt
that’s how I felt

It seemed as if nothing was real
I need time to heal
I felt so all alone
Wishing you would phone
I felt so much pain
How can I regain, me back
You are AOC – Afraid of Commitment
I just want to me

To get my life on track
It hurts so bad
Can anyone or anything fulfill this sad
Place in me

AOC get out my head
I need my mind back
to be free, to be me

You said, “I was your life
and one day I would be your wife.”
We would talk about marrying
I’d see you staring
into space
I should have known
You had already gone


Why did you make me cry?
You didn’t  have to lie

AOC why did you have to choose me?

I understand you were afflicted
with a bad case of “AOC”
Afraid Of Commitment
If you only knew
I was too.
Ladies love yourself….It takes time to heal…….Find something you are passionate about and do it. Visualize the new you and write bucket list. Be happy!


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