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Amazing!  You and I, I married those eyes.  why did they change? Can we really chose, who we love?  I believe we can.  If we stop wrestling with our past. Our past pains, some how predestine our future.  Refocus, get a better plan, love life  and I keep saying, “you’ve got to love yourself.” Face you, your past pains to get a future. I am not saying it’s going to be easy.

Why is it everything looks and feels so good from the start?   I believe they can sense our weakness or a longing for fulfillment. We give easy, loyal, full of commitment and for a moment in time they show their heart. We begin to nurture, trying to fix what’s broken.  Got ya! His got you and your weaknesses.

Get beyond the eyes and get to know the soul.

Your Burning Eye’s

By Mary Lee Gordon

Your Burning Rage
It was in your eye’s
The eye’s that caught me by surprise
Your Burning Rage touch my heart,
It skip a beat
I was in eternal heat
You were cupid in disguise
Out for my demise
Your eye’s where the keys to my soul
They touch my every part and
Took complete control
It was in that instance
You met no resistance
I knew in a blink
I couldn’t think
It was your burning eyes
Were we began an Infinite Love affair
To share
As Man & Wife
For Life.

This poem has been claimed by M Gordon


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