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Growing up in a fairy tale world, I believed when I grew up. My dreams of life, love and marriage would all come true . I could have the little white fence, the little white house with green shutters, the loving husband, and of course the children.

Fairy tales, I hope you’ve received your prince charming.  I have met a lot that were charming and I’ve met a few frogs. I’ve kiss a few too.

Write down what you want in a  man:

I’d like him to love himself……speak positive, a great encourager

I’d like him to know how to be  friend first… a great communicator

Someone, I can talk to about anything……protective, not possessive or obsessive

He needs to be thoughtful…mindful of me

Loving, attentive, considerate, appreciative, romantic

He must remember all major holidays

I’d love him to feel me in my high and low moments

In love making there should be passion and compassion

I’d love for him to be in good health…oh yeah tall?

Have stability in his life……wealth

Someone to pray with

Someone that loves Christ…….

Someone divinely design for me with the blue prints of Christ

I believe when God does it. I quit messing up.

Remember, It’s not all about a man. Know who you are and your own self- worth.  I saw a movie, written by Tyler Perry, Madea’s Family Reunion. In this particular scene, the older woman, ask the engage woman, “are you in love”? She was being abuse by her fiance. The older woman began to talk about, how she knew she was in love with her husband. She knew it had to be true love. She felt his heart beat to the rhythm of her heart beat.  She felt, he was divinely design for her after God’s on heart.

I believe life gets better, you get better, when you put your life in the right ones hands.  God never fells, we fail, thank God he allows us, to get back up again. Hopefully you are stronger and wiser.  Believe, the best is yet to come.

Future Spouse Prayer, It was sent to me, I thought, I’d share it with you. Go to this link and check it out!