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Today is one of those days you’re grateful but, you’re tired. I keep expecting something better in the atmosphere to happen for me. I long for a change, a change from people who are dissatisfied, people who keep confusion going. I believe they’re not happy with themselves.

The realization is know matter how many people you know. Some or most will never be your friend. Some are not going to like you. Some are just plan mean for know reason. Some gave up on life along time ago. Some got damage in some way through life and decided everybody around them had to pay for it.

Decision making time, what do I do to get out this bad cycle of people, hurting people? The best part is I’m not lonely. I’m tired. I want to know what it means to enjoy my living.

When you’ve learn to live with someone twenty years and just be. You do not want to just exist any more. I have such a love for people, a low tolerance for ignorance. Lately, I promise, I felt like there was a kick me sign on my back.

Repositioning yourself, Maximizing your moments, Do things with a spirit of Excellence it’s hurts. It’s hard work and it has been worth it. I am better. It’s the atmosphere, the people you encounter every day that want to suck the life out of you and take you back a place of feeling small, worthless and just existing.

I can not and will not go back. Pharoah spirits and bullying spirits have no place in my life. I will live.  I choose this day to live better, so much better.

My prayer for you today is Abba Father in the name Jesus allow your people to heal, recognize their own self worth. Move in the heart of man were they would want to exalt you. Where they refocus on the love of Christ and they fall in LOVE with Jesus all over again. There LOVE would be so Great! They would never desire to hurt another. Amen