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Here I Go Again.

Change is good!

Here! Hurts!  What’s next?

What do I do with this feeling?

Promotion in life comes. When?

How many times can a person take rejection?  Can I simply say this is my life and I am going to deal with it? Well myself, I have some things I do for me.  I meditate, the question is what is gravitating toward me?  I make a list of goals, prioritize and then I allow myself to dream again.  The question is do I ever stop dreaming to finish a goal. Dreams are good, if you don’t get lost in procrastination. If you love him let him go, that fantasy died after sex and good morning.

Wake up Call!  It all going to be alright.  We have all messed up. Yes he was a yutz, the truth is you can’t change him.  He is there only for the ride. That dead-end job, that’s not going anywhere. You can’t see or feel any advancement. The insult is you are too smart and over qualified.  Quit taking so much crap, redo your resume, buy a new suit, and get a new hairdo. Purchase the outfit that looks slimming and the hair that speaks volumes.  It’s a must that you understand everyone cannot go natural or short and sassy. What to do, you must look better and feel confident in you.

Dreams! It’s time to follow up and follow through.  Maybe you need to change your company/friends. You need a positive environment to feed you and the right words of encouragement to be spoken to you.  It’s like having bad sex and they roll over and fall asleep and do not let them snore. The sad part is we keep them around to say, I got a man. He is keeper????If he holds you afterward, encourages, remembers holidays and just because. Maybe, just maybe???

  • Toss out Mr. Dead beat!
  • Toss out negativity/dead beat friends!
  • Toss out crappy job/not before I get a new one. A girl still got to pay the rent.

Look In Mirror

What do you see?

I see me

Are you proud of me?

I see me

Do I want to love me?

I see me

I’m I able to encourage myself?

I don’t know

I only see me…

Then you are almost there.

A place called there

Is where

I Love me



By Mary L. Gordon

Ladies the truth is a place call there, is only a big muscle in your chest called a heart. Love you, enjoy you, and use your imagination to embrace your every desire. Feel like living life to the fullest in every area of your life. Be determine this time you are going to win.  It may look the same but, you are not the same. When you’ve change your mind, you can regulate your heart/emotions.

Read books like Ronda Byrne, The Secret or Jose Silva’s Ultramind, Think your way to success and the Bible, very calming for the soul. Prayer is very important, ask for what you want and believe, receive your heart desires from the Universe.