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Help My Mind, it’s running a shore!

My Mine vs. My Emotions may hinder, my progress….

You’ve Got It All Together!  Hmmmmm….

You think you’ve reach your highest potential?   Are your achievements enjoyable? Are you enjoying your life with someone you really care about?  Do you resisted because you want to play around or are you just into you?  Did you stop trusting just because he/she hurt you?

You’ve reach your gold! Yes! I am so excited for you! Now, you are alone. I guess you forgot, you are getting older, no matter how young you are.  I bet you are chicken, because you’ve been married before and she got half.  I am sorry.  Everyone is not the same.  Let it go.  You must forgive to live.  The way you know you’ve really forgiven is you quit telling the same old sad stories. You quit doing the same old thing over and over again. Also, you must stop saying, “I am not going to take that,_______,______, ______every again.  You can feel in the blanks.

I really evaluate myself, I am harder on me than anybody can be,  The problem is I really have heart for people. I find it hard for me to say no, even when I’m tired or feeling bad.  I believe theirs some good in everybody. The sad part is no matter how much rope you give some people, they still hang themselves.  I think it’s about expecting more from yourself, I mean give to you.  Give yourself the greatest gift of all, LOVE Yourself, Love Life, and LOVE to Live it, time waits for no one.

Let me explain; when you love self, no more regrets, on more banging your head up against a wall and quit saying, I always attract the same kind  of person. Quit looking for the worse. Smile a lot, I need you to find something funny to laugh about.

Loving life is when you quit sweating the small stuff.  Ooh well he/she didn’t show up. Yes they lied! WOW! That sucks!  Take yourself out! Replace that zero and get you a HERO!  To get this right you have got to forgive, quit harping on hurt.  You will continually attract the same old stuff. I want you understand not just relationship hurt, it can be childhood hurt, hurt is hurt. Hurt can shape your future if you allow it to.

I’ve done some soul-searching. Some times forgiving hurts, but it is worth it.  You are no longer in bondage to the problem.  I promise they’re living their life.  Make a conscious decision, do it for you.  It make not be easy, get yourself a theme song say, “Everyday in every way I am getting better”.

Live it, when you are living life, you can enjoy self.  You aren’t selfish, you need to find the good in you and acknowledge it.  It becomes a joy to give, with transparent love.  When transparency come in, it’s clear, that you are confident in self.

Confidence…….I am giver.  I am always surprise, when I find people who talk about giving and want give up two red nickles.   Joy! I’ve learned lately you better keep it, to keep your peace. Be establish in your heart, I will be happy no matter what.  You are the “GREATEST’! Someone is going to ask, “how does she know”?  You are the only you, you have.

This all sounds fine and well, until the mind battle or you feel you’ve let someone down.  Know this, if that person really loves you or cares for you, as a friend or lover, we can fail and never fall out.  Real love stands, it endures, it captures true moments, when trouble arrives it can and will, stand.

A good read is The Battle of the Mind by Joyce Myers.  I want you to be free from guilt, condemnation, and persecution etc., you can be set free.