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Send me your New Year’s Resolutions or Your Promise to Live a better Life in 2015.  Tell me how you are making it happen! If you have a picture of yourself being commited to your Resolution or Promise for 2015,  send it to my email address: nevertolate582@gmail.com  I will feature it on my Blog Site: nevertolate582.wordpress.com 

If you have a “Great New Years Resolution or  Promise for a better life in 2015”  We want to join you in it and make it a Challenge, for everyone to live a better life.  There will be gift certificates  and cash drawings  for everyone who participates.  The drawing will be weekly, you will featured on the blog,  the amount of your certificate and where it’s from. It will be one person a week,  that person’s name will be pulled and featured, meaning everyone has chance to win…

When ever you send information about you to my email address, it’s a proxy for your release of information that you sent me.  Thank you

All information received through my email address:  nevertolate582@gmail.com  is approved by you to be posted/when sent to my email………Thank you

It’s Never 2 Late to be a Success!  You will always be a “WINNER to me!

I  need your Resolutions! Promises! Success Stories!…..Thank You