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Dear Gabby Column

At The Cross Road,

Dear Gabby, I am pent between a rock and hard place. It’s not looking good on my right or my left. I’ve been praying to God please help me keep my virtue.  I am a single woman, never been married, and I have two children.   I want a real love, a Boaz. I feel push and taken for granted.

When, I met this man, he said, “I was the one”, the one that God had sent to be his wife.  I asked, “How do you know?  He proclaimed he saw everything in me he wanted in a woman. My first question was do you love the Lord. He said, “I go to church”.  We talked for days, led to months, about 3 months to be exact before he drops the big question. He said, “I have needs”.  I need you to take care of me?  I told him, I told God, “I am going to wait for my husband. He states, “I don’t know how much longer I can wait”.  Mr. Smooth began to change; he has become cold, calls less, speaks harsh and never asks do I need anything anymore. He made the statement one day, “Who’s going to want someone like you with children and just a high school education.”  I felt so broken, depress and hurt. Please help?

Ms. Lovable:  I need help?  I want to hold on to my virtue.  I feel so bad.  Everything inside of me is saying yes, give in, he will love you better.  But, my heart is telling me no.

Ms. Gabby: Dear Ms. Lovable, you know the enemy will set you up to mess you up.  The devil knew you were feeling lonely and he decided to attack you at your weak point, your heart. He came in tall, dark, handsome and saying all the right things. You know when that man said, “I go to church.” You know you should have asked some more questions. The questions were, “Is the church in your heart”?  Will you attend church with me? Can, I meet your parents?    Don’t give in to sin. Believe in the God you serve, hold on to your virtue. It’s not easy being single and alone, read, stand, as a Proverbs 31 woman.  You need to trust in the God you serve, he will give you, your hearts desires in Palms 37. Evil doers will come to destroy you. The devil has a job to do. I know it hurts. God does love you; he will never leave you or forsake you.  Hold on to your virtue.  Join your church single group.  Know you are never alone.  Love yourself enough to stand.  I know you can, embrace God’s word by faith.

Bless You Ms. Lovable

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The Heart wants, what it want?