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I just want him. I want him in my world. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be on my own. Sometimes, I feel so depressed. I feel afraid. I long to be held, while in hell. I hurt so much inside. I want a lover, a friend and a guide. I need to know, what I’m I suppose to do?

This man says, I love making love to you. Question number 2: How do you make love to someone you don’t even love? He only says, thank you after it’s over.

I’m feeling little crazy. I know, I am not a spring chicken any more. I am over forty. I am beginning to feel the empty nest syndrome. I’ve had two divorces. I think, I’ve cried more in this life, than I’ve laugh. I want to evolve into a better me, a better place.

You are suppose to do anything, but at the same time do a lot; love you, laugh a lot, and forgive everything. Also, everyone that could hold you mentally or physically in bondage. It’s time to free up some brain space to relaxes, to reenter a new spaces called peace.

Allow the good positive thoughts to enter in, you will begin to see the change in life, in you. It’s not, that this will be easy but, it is one step, one day at a time. It’s facing our past, our fears, and hurts to become victorious, to a better future.

I want you to know pain is pain. It can hurt to know return and you can get depress, lonely, and doubtful etc. Stop! See that you are Awesome. The world has covered you in dirt, mix with water. Guess what? You are standing in mud, sinking!

I need you to choose life. Reach for a future, dare – to – dream, use your imaginary rope called hope and pull yourself out. You need to get into some new activities; workout, start a journal, take yourself out until you feel complete with out a man. Read a positives books, my favorite is the Bible. It empowers me.

You asked another question earlier, “Can a man make love to you and not love you?” No, he can not, If he could you wouldn’t feel empty after the fact.

I speak of the Bible because, in the word, My Father, God talks and gives love unconditional. He doesn’t put you down when you make mistakes, he forgives and he gave his only begotten son, Jesus, that we might live.

He is so Awesome! He will give you, your heart desires. Choose him and choose life…