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What Would It Be?


It’s funny  how times flies..

Sometimes, I believe we waste to much time…

It’s incredible the things or people we take for granted.

In the midst of the good, we can jump to fast.

In the midst of the bad, let go to soon.

I woke up on the last day of the year 2015, desiring not to go into 2016 with some of those Ouch Moment!  Karma can be a ______, ________.  I need you to field in the blanks. Myself, I collectively pooled my bad karma moments together and decided to make me better.

My first phone call hurt:  It was a man. It had been a year.  I had forgiven, not forgotten.  I ran into this gentlemen a few weeks ago.  I literally duck from him, like he had the Plague.  Well, I apologize for my lack of communication and ducking.  I’m cleaning up, where I have sincerely messed up.  When people make you hurt, I don’t think they get it. The pain can be so unbearable until you can’t speak.

Next phone call: WOW!  I got to say a few things. No return call.  This is okay.  You are cutting off the bad Karma.

Last call,  I apologized with all my heart. When it come to family and there’s a real love.  Never leave a long empty void.  It may hurt.  They may say everything’s alright. You do the right thing.

You learn a lot from people when you want to correct you.  Some listen, some talk to much, some don’t answer the phone and some may never return your call.  It’s alright.  You decided no more bad karma for me.

Please understand forgiveness does not mean you go back to where you came from/old relationships. You are just learning to become a better you.

I always say, “The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is to forgive.”  I know sometimes, it’s not easy.  The pain may reside there for a while and as hard as the spot is, it will soften.

Now! Today! Handle your business and get connected via phone call, text, or messenger/write a letter.  We all need to make somethings right in the atmosphere.  Do Not Let Old Karma come into your New Year 2016.

You will find yourself falling into the same old situations…..There is a Law of Attraction.  What you sow,  you will reap…Karma